Art Future project was founded in April 2017 in Almaty, aiming the development of contemporary art in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.  
Art Future is the management company of Esentai Gallery, which was founded in 2015 and located in Esentai Mall, 2 floor. Since the foundation the company has organized more than 30 exhibitions, represented more than 75 artists.  

Art Future acts as a platform for the exchange of cultural experiences, artistic experiments and became a space where artists can test ideas interacting with a diverse audience whereas the visitors gain knowledge about art.  

In February 2021, the project opened studios for artists and also implementing an Art Residency program (@afstudios_kz)

The team: professional artists, art managers, curators, art consultants providing a full range of services in selecting works for the collection- art advisory, organizing art projects- exhibitions, art festivals and educational programs.  
Our mission: to study, archive and exhibit Central Asian contemporary art in all its diversity. We believe that the development of culture is the reverse side of the development of all social processes.    

The main goals of Art Future: to involve the audience in the process of studying Central Asian art, to support and develop the artistic environment in the region and to showcase the artists' research and projects.  
Esentai Gallery held more than 20 exhibitions and about 200 events to explore contemporary art: lectures, poetry and music evenings, meetings with representatives from different professional fields, a cinema club and other various formats.  
The Gallery's art base presents the works of more than 100 authors from all over the region, and art catalogs are sent upon request.

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Address: Al-Farabi 77/8,
Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050040
Phone: +7 (778) 082 12 02
e-mail: artfuture.contact@gmail.com
Working hours: Mon-Sun, 10:00 to 22: 00

Admission to exhibitions is free