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22.08.2019 - 25.08.2019

QUESTIONS: What is art as text or speech? Is it possible to observe the artist's work not only in the form of exhibited ready-made objects, but also in the form of notes — as a kind of documentation of invisible (thought?) Processes? What if we transfer such recordings to the gallery wall, making it a metaphor for public speech, a place (near) for artistic conversation, in which the current agenda of our time is viewed?


A FEW MORE QUESTIONS: Usually, the work of artists is judged by the so-called result, as if art is a kind of business. Work is often contrasted with so-called chatter (blah blah) - but how fair is this opposition? Is it true that word and deed are always different things (things?)? What role does conversation play in contemporary art — the articulation of meanings with the help of words? How can this role be shown or seen? What examples of art-as-text do we know from history? Does it even exist in this capacity, and if so, where, since when and how can such art / text look today?

OUR PROPOSAL: The Krölski Center invites its colleagues to devote one week of August to teamwork in the text art laboratory. We would like to shift our focus from finished results to processes and, as usual, experiment with communication. We will have at our disposal the walls of the gallery, on which we will write letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other things. From Thursday (22.08) to Sunday (25.08), we would like to turn the gallery into a place where people write and read about what seems to matter.

When: 22-25 August 2019

Where: Esentai Gallery Almaty

Who: artists / poets / activists / visitors / visitors

What to do: come, read, write, give responses, respond, receive and give pleasure (from the text).

22August, 19.00: Testing the public mode of the Blaboratory is simply a discovery. 20.00: Poetry readings. Read by: Anuar Duisenbinov, Zoya Falkova, Ramil Niyazov, Maria Vilkoviskaya, Rufia Dzhenrbekova and others.

23 August,19.00: “Art from Words” - meeting and discussion of various artistic practices based on the text. For those who are particularly interested in contemporary art. Host - Rufi Jenrbekova (Krölski Center).

24 August. The blaboratory is open all day.

25 August: collective performance "Return virginity" —painting the inscriptions and returning the white walls of the gallery to their original appearance — in other words, closing.

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