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31.01.2019 - 22.02.2019


"In the captivity of the plein air" - an experimental exhibition of 4 artists: Orazbek Yessenbayev, Makhsat Ali, Zhanat Seytkhamit and Asem Omarova. This exhibition project is the initiative of Orazbek Yessenbayev, who actively works with young artists, mainly creating works in the genre of realism and academicism. The artist's goal is to expand the perception of artistic practices, diversify the medium (a means of conveying images and ideas). In particular, a new look at goals, processes and perception in relation to the open air.


What is plein air?

From the French. plein air - open air, painting created in nature, in the open air (outside the workshop). "Working in the open air, you can vividly and fully convey the features of natural lighting and light-air environment."

Every artist knows that anything can become an object for an image. And even nothing, or on the contrary, "it is not clear what" - all this can also be portrayed. Sometimes even light and air are full-fledged heroes of the picture. In other words, it can be described as reproducing natural light and air. In the open air, the artist's connection with space is strengthened in the context of "here and now", and not through the prism of memories (subjective memory) or interpretations of others.

According to Orazbek Yessenbayev, “plein air is every day, in any environment. Everything we breathe, where we go, what we see, what ideas we have, whether you are an artist or not, we all live in open air every day. "  

In September 2018, the artists went on an "expedition" to South Kazakhstan, to the Kyzylorda region, full of confidence that no other activity is able to give that completeness of perception of the sensations and impressions of the world around them as work in the open air. For a month we traveled in the area of Shchiel and Kyzyl-kain, a part of the ancient trade route. The route was not chosen spontaneously, the leader of the expedition himself comes from this region and knows him very well.

In Kazakhstan, the practice of plein air is inherent in representatives of the academic art school, which annually graduates a large number of specialists (remaining within the framework of classical practice). The goal of the main initiator of the project, Orazbek, is the desire to shift the standard perception, technique and methods of transferring images collected during the expedition. Participants not only collected material in the form of their sketches, but also brought with them various "particles" from the environment they studied: these are photos and videos that interested them with objects, plants, earth, stone, etc., typical for that environment. All this on the territory of the gallery is built into an exposition, making up which artists rethink the experience of the open air, deciding for themselves what it means - "to depict what I see and how I convey it."

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