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12.09.2019 - 27.10.2019

Оn the 12th September at 19:30 - Esentai Gallery together with Juan Saliquet, Spanish artist and curator, presents “Teen Park”, the solo exhibition of young Kazakh artist- Tolkyn Sakbayeva.

These paintings are inspired by everyday life and regular visitors of Park del Retiro in Madrid, where the artist currently resides. The exhibition raises the question of the relevance of painting within the context of modern conceptual art. Transforming the exhibition space into a picturesque park, the artist creates a “green zone” within the gallery.


"Teen Park" is a series of canvases representing the European public park — a place where the city openly expresses itself. For a certain part of society in Kazakhstan, such a park is presented as a symbol of publicity and freedom. The concept of the exhibition is built around such opposites as: freedom and imprisonment; painting and video; light and shadow; color and its absence. In Tolkyn's works, the question of freedom is central — both in the direct sense of physical boundaries and in the deep sense of the limitations of human perception. The main questions raised are: what makes a person truly free? What is freedom and how is it formed? Where does it start and where does it end? Are the criteria of freedom different for men and women, for the citizens of Spain and Kazakhstan? The virtual park of the artist becomes a place where the protest of the personal faces the commands of the public, and the boundaries of individuality are set by the conflict with tradition.  

The format of the exhibition is designed as an interactive space that moves an important place of the city into the interior space of the gallery. We invite you to enter this park, lie down on the grass and have a think about all these questions.

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